How do Real Extensions Differ from Synthetic Hair?

At the most basic level the difference is Real Human Hair extensions are a 100% natural, were as synthetic hair extensions are basically plastic. Synthetic hair was created to allow more vibrant colours and to make attaching them easier, but technology has allowed us to create the same colours and ease of attachment with human hair.


Is Human hair always the best option and better than synthetic?

There?s no right or wrong answer here?This really depends on your personal preference, your lifestyle and your budget. If you are looking for a wig/hair piece that is easy to maintain and inexpensive, then a synthetic piece is a good choice. If you are going to wear the piece everyday and want the option to curl/style the piece then a human hair piece would be the best choice.


My curly Human Hair or Curly Synthetic Wefted Hair pieces tangle and are not easily manageable, what should I do?

-For a synthetic weave always use fingers to comb a curly weave, do not use a comb as it will damage the style and texture.

-Always read instructions on the label In order to avoid tangling issues, do not use any after care products that has not been instructed to you by your hair stylist as it will damage your weave

-In order to avoid tangling, do not wear any (pantyhose) because your weave will tangle in the morning, it?s advisable that you use a hair net or silk scarf.

-Simply run your fingers through your hair to avoid tangling


How do I know how many hair pieces to use if I want to have a weave on?

It depends on the style that you want to achieve, for a straight long weave depending on the volume of the piece you can use one packet however it is advisable that you buy two hair pieces if you would like to have fuller volume

For a shorter or razor cut hair style, one packet should suffice so that the hairstyle looks more real and so that it feels as though you have cut your own hair, however this also depends on the volume of the hair piece


How often do I wash my hair if I have a weave on?

This depends on how comfortable you feel; always consult your hairstylist when you would like to wash your hair if you have a weave on


Can I curl or style my weave as much as I want to?

If you have 100% human hair on, you can curl or style as much as you want to how ever always make sure that you read the instructions on the label of the product because some weaves may require a heat up to a certain level. You can also curl your weave at home if you have your own curling iron.


Can I go swimming with Human Hair extensions?

You can swimming with Human Hair extensions in, but you have to remember that your extensions are created from human hair, so you will have to treat them the same as you would your own hair or they may dry out. Also do not get your hair wet for at least two day after getting them put in or you can damage the attachments at they may end up falling out.


Are Hair extensions hard to look after?

They are not ?harder? to look after the only difference that you will really notice is that it will take longer to dry out.


How can I tell if the Human Hair piece I want to buy is good quality?

This is very difficult because some manufacturers coat human hair with silicone which coats coarse, over bleached, brittle hair and makes it feel soft. You?ll tell the difference though after the first or second wash when the silicone comes off. The best bet is to build a relationship with a brand like KINKY that you can trust, a brand that only buys top quality human hair.


How do I look after a synthetic weave?

-For a straight weave keep it as simple as you can, use very low heat to wash and style

-For a curly weave they need more attention and care, you must use a good conditioner and an anti-frizz serum


Can anyone see that I am wearing human hair?

Installed by a professional hair stylist, our human hair should blend perfectly with your own hair.


Can I dye my hair?

Yes you can dye your hair extensions, but it is not recommended to use your normal dye product, you will have to go to a salon to get you extensions dyed because they need to use a different formula specially made for hair extensions.


Can I chemically alter my hair extensions?

All of our hair products are created with the best of care taken to ensure color and texture longevity. It is recommended that you choose the color or texture from our selection to best suit your needs.


Can I wear my wig straight out of the box?

We would advise you to shake out your Kinky wig as unwanted creases can occur due to the wigs being tightly packaged. To remove these creases spray water onto the affected area, shake it out and let the wig dry naturally.


How do I style my wig?

For synthetic wigs allow them to dry naturally. To restyle a human hair wig you can use a low heat hairdryer or steam rollers.


Can I change the size of my wig to fit my head?

Yes, by adjusting the straps on the side of the wig to either make it smaller or bigger. Ask a KINKY store assistant to help you fit it/show you how before you leave the store.


How do I store my wig?

Purchasing a Styrafoam head to use when you are not wearing the wig is the best option. Otherwise you can store it in a box, but make sure there are no creases.


How do I clean my wig or hairpiece?

Fill a basin with lukewarm water. Add a small amount of KINKY shampoo. Swish the wig gently around in the basin. Rinse it thoroughly in cool water. Shake it out and hang to drip dry. Do not brush it, blow dry or heat style it while wet as this can permanently damage the fibre.


How do I know which wig will suit me?

-Please refer to ?How to choose your look? tab in the main menu of the website

-Also when visiting our stores you have an option of trying on three different types of wigs, so that you can be able to tell which one will better suite you so that you can choose the right look for you


How do I achieve a natural look with a wig?

Some wigs may require minimal shaping, whereas other wigs may need significant thinning. One of the secrets to successfully wearing a wig is having it professionally styled on your head to suit your features

Our ladies in stores will also assist in shaping a wig in order to suit you or achieve the style that you want and get you that natural look

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